A Dwelling Place For The Lord

Ephesians 2:19-22

With the first two words of verse 19, “so then,” Paul signals that he is going to develop the logical implications of a prior claim. That prior claim is found in verse 13 where he proclaims that the Gentiles have been brought near to God through the blood of Christ. After developing and expanding aspects involved with this “making near” in vv14-18, Paul draws out the implications of this great claim for the Church. In verses 19-21 Paul spells out four general qualities of the universal church and in v22 he applies that rich theology to the local church when he turns to speak to the Ephesians directly, which is signaled by the words, “you also.” Paul’s main point is that the local church, as the local manifestation of the church universal, participates in the magnificent benefit of being formed into a dwelling place for the Lord as the Spirit applies the word to the living stones which effectually unites them to Christ by faith and by sovereign construction shapes them into a temple and dwelling place suitable for the Lord’s indwelling presence.

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