An Ideal Pattern

2 Corinthians 1:23-2:4

While under fire from false teachers who claimed he was a vacillator and not a reliable pastor, Paul defends himself and his ministry. In verses 1:18-22, Paul argued that God’s faithfulness preserved his apostolic ministry from being a ministry of ambivalence and half truths. At verse 23 Paul pivots from theological defense to practical defense which consists of three main points: lack of pastoral domineering, pursuit of mutual joy, and pastoral admonition born out of brotherly love. This practical defense not only formed an apt response against the false charges raised against him, it also provided a model of the ideal pastor-congregational relationship which leaves the church with an enduring blue print to guide future generations of the church to employ. By implementing this model, the church will be preserved from destructive schisms and its peace and well being will be promoted.

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