Letters of Christ

2 Corinthians 3:1-3

As Paul pivots from the narrative of his recent pastoral interaction with the Corinthians to an extended discussion of his theology of ministry, he begins by taking on a challenge posed by the false teachers in Corinth. The language of “letters of commendation” in verse one indicates that Paul is responding to a concern circulating in Corinth which was raised by false teachers who claimed they were more credible than Paul because they had letters of commendation certifying their authority to minister. Paul takes the challenge presented by the critics by appealing to the Corinthians to examine their own spiritual condition and experience. Do they see the tokens of conversion in their life? Have they experienced a monumental change in character and disposition? If so, that change is on account of the work of Christ in them through the ministry of the apostle Paul, and their spiritual condition is Paul letter of commendation.

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