Responding to Misery pt 1

Psalm 6

The 16th century Protestant Reformation is widely, popularly, and even properly known for being a movement about systematic theology. However, to understand the Reformation as exclusively or even primarily about systematic theology would leave us with a very impoverished view of it since a parallel development alongside of the Reformation being a movement about doctrine, was also a movement concerned about the recovery of a Biblical pastoral theology; that is, the Reformers were deeply concerned about the cure and care of souls. One magnificent piece of pastoral theology is John Knox’ treatise on Psalm 6 entitled “A Fort for the Afflicted.” This sermon is part one of a two part series which expounds Psalm 6 with some of the practical insights developed from it by Knox for the spiritual care of saints struggling mightily with heaven sent miseries. The basic theme pursued in this message is that believers must respond to heaven sent misery with a Biblical understanding of both the nature and necessity of divinely sent afflictions.

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