Generous Giving Commended and Rewarded

2 Corinthians 9:6-15

In this last section of Paul’s instructions regarding the collection for the Jerusalem offering to be taken up in Corinth, appeal is made to self-interest. Paul uses an agricultural metaphor to illustrate the meaning of generous giving as he compares it to sowing bountifully. The metaphor also commends generous giving by highlighting the fact that bountiful sowing (generous giving) leads to a bountiful harvest. To underscore the point that generous giving leads to blessing, Paul repeatedly affirms that God rewards such generosity with abundant grace, all sufficiency, multiplied resources, and enrichment for even greater liberality. Clearly, Paul appeals to self-interest in order motivate Christians to give generously which not only leads to greater blessing for the giver, but also, to greater thanksgiving to God who supplies His people with all necessary provisions to give generously.

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