No Compensation Means Commitment

2 Corinthians 11:7-12

As Paul continues to list reasons for engaging in a “little foolishness” (v1), he addresses the charge that refusing compensation indicates a lack of commitment to the Corinthian church. A careful reading of Paul’s response suggests that the false teachers have mischaracterized his refusal of compensation for ministry as sin, robbery, and even a lack of love for the Corinthians. Instead of expressing lack of commitment, Paul explains that it reveals intense devotion since he suffered great need and destitution, and he did so for their own exaltation, to promote the gospel, and to aim to keep the church free from the corruption of false teachers. The lesson for the contemporary church is to look in the mirror of Paul’s model of commitment to Corinth, and to manifest that same level of commitment to the local church and express that commitment in the same way Paul expressed it in terms of devotion to the church’s wellbeing, gospel purity, and upholding doctrinal soundness.

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