Beware of Satan’s Ministers

2 Corinthians 11:13-15

In diagnosing the problem which ails the Corinthian church, Paul points to the rise of a Satanic ministry within it. False apostles who practice deception, disguise themselves as apostles of Christ and minsters of righteousness, whose allegiance is with Satan, have appealed to Corinthian ideals in order to undercut the true ministry of the apostle Paul. By identifying these teachers for what they really are, Paul calls upon the church to root out their influence from the church. The message is the same for the contemporary church. Ministers who come proclaiming lies will do so as sincere ministers of Christ and not with devils’ horns and pitch fork. The duty of the church is to be vigilant in its watch against false teachers, identifying such ministers by their deceitful ways, and warning the people of God not to lend their ears to such impostors lest they follow after them in judgment.

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