Humble Deliverance

2 Corinthians 11:30-33

Stories often communicate deeper levels of insight about persons or circumstances than a set of mere descriptive details. To this point in Paul’s so-called “fool’s discourse,” Paul has described a harrowing set of external and internal miseries encountered throughout his ministry. In recounting these miseries, Paul was boasting in his weakness as a counter to the false teachers. At verse 30, Paul continued to amplify his weakness, this time however, he used a story of a humiliating deliverance by means of being lowered down a city wall in a basket. This story of humble deliverance illustrates Paul’s main point throughout this fool’s discourse which is that God magnifies His power by delivering His weak servants and His weak church, through humble means, so that we will learn to put our confidence in Him in all of our circumstances of weakness and distress.

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