Introduction to Daniel

Daniel book sermon series

Daniel 1:1-2
The clash between the two kingdoms, the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of Christ, runs through history like a red line. Turning to Daniel 1, another chapter in this conflict is encountered as we see the Davidic king dethroned, Jerusalem conquered, and the temple looted. Daniel’s telling of the story of Judah’s conquest at the hands of the Babylonians indicates that this chapter in Judah’s history is a manifestation of the clash between the seed of the woman the seed of the serpent. The consolation for God’s people’s is found in the fact that Daniel explains that the Lord was sovereign over Babylon’s conquest of Judah, giving Jehoiakim into Babylon’s hand. For the people of God, hope is found on the prophetic horizon as the purpose of the Lord in removing the throne and temple from Jerusalem in order to prepare for the coming priesthood and kingship of Christ is unveiled in Daniel’s prophecies.

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