The Humbling of a Proud King

Daniel sermon series

Daniel 4
Although Nebuchadnezzar had made statements of respect about the Lord, he had never really “recognized” the Lord as the sovereign King of kings. A powerful monarch in his own right, Nebuchadnezzar believed his supremacy was special and reflected the power of his own glory. In the very moment Nebuchadnezzar was admiring his own handiwork in Babylon, the Lord took away his sovereignty and drove him out to the field to act like a beast until he had been humbled enough to acknowledge the total sovereignty of the Most High God. Coming to know the Lord’s sovereignty in such a humbling way led this once proud king to sing anthems of praise to the King of kings. The enduring message of this text is that the knowledge of divine sovereignty leads the penitent to humbly adore the Most High God of Heaven.

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