Todah Prayer

Daniel Sermon Series

Daniel 9:1-19
In the midst of shifting geopolitical circumstances, Daniel consulted the scriptures to discern the times. As Daniel consulted the prophecies of Jeremiah, he understood that the fulfillment of the 70 weeks prophecy was playing out before him. But Daniel also understood that fulfilled prophecy called for urgent action: confession of sin in order to secure covenant renewal and restoration. Leviticus 26:40-42 called for Israel to confess sin publicly and corporately after a season of unrepentant sin and the experience of national calamity on account of their sin. As Daniel lifts up his voice in this todah prayer of confession of sin, he fulfills obligation of Leviticus 26 and seeks to obtain for Israel that experience of covenant renewal which the Law promised for a penitent nation. This message concludes with application of the todah prayer to the contemporary situation.

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