Our Pastor

21199779_1608997832454875_8946366832390378168_oPastor John Sawtelle is an ordained teaching elder in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America and is married to his college sweetheart and longtime friend, Denise. Both John and Denise have the wonderful distinction of being “PK’s,” whose fathers have diligently served as ministers of the word and sacrament in the Reformed church for many decades. Together they have three sons Wyatt, Garrett, and Zachariah. John has a BA in Humanities with a concentration in Ancient Near Eastern Studies from CSU Sacramento, a Master of Divinity from Westminster Seminary in Escondido, CA, and an MA in Rhetorical Theory and Criticism from CSU Fullerton.  Pastor John loves to preach the Bible verse by verse in order to show God’s people the basis of their doctrinal convictions in Holy Scripture. His favorite activities include spending time with his wife Denise, engaging in doctrinal discussion with fellow Christians, and hanging out at the dojo with fellow judokas.