Regulated Worship

Series: What It Means To Be Reformed Presbyterian

Acts 2:42
From the outset of the Reformation, Calvin wrote that the first concern of the Reformed church was worship. One hundred years later, in the 1640’s, the Westminster Assembly formulated a Directory for Public Worship which affirmed the regulative principle and its application in a series of elements taken exclusively from Scripture. Presbyterian worship is worship that in principle and practice is strictly regulated by the word of God. This sermon surveys the Biblical basis for the regulative principle of worship and shows the textual basis for the various elements of Presbyterian worship.

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Presbyterian Church Government, part 3: Synods

Series: What It Means To Be Reformed Presbyterian

Acts 15:1-29
When teachers came down from Judea to Antioch and started teaching that Gentiles had to be circumcised in order to be saved, it set off a a firestorm of controversy. The presbytery of Antioch met to analyze this new teaching, but the heated debate did not lead to a resolution. In order to resolve this difficult theological problem, the presbytery appealed to synod which met in Jerusalem. Acts 15 records the important details of this synodical meeting along with its results. Presbyterians hold that the principles of synodical government are contained in this passage and that the church is bound to structure its government according to the model set forth here.

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Presbyterian Church Government, part 2: Session and Presbytery

Series: What It Means To Be Reformed Presbyterian

1 Timothy 4:14
Presbyterian church government is rule in the church by elders. The elders are organized in courts (the session, the presbytery and the Synod) to which is committed the power of governing the church and of ordaining officers. This power is moral and spiritual, and subject to the law of God. (RPCNA Testimony, 25:10)

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Genuine Discipleship

Luke 6:46-49
Contemporary Christianity, at least in America, manifests weakness and softness on many levels, including the areas of basic doctrine and ethics. At least one factor which contributes to this weakness is gross misunderstanding regarding the nature of genuine discipleship. Jesus corrects a similar misunderstanding in his day as he addresses some of his own disciples who wrongly separated confessing the truth about Him from submitting to His words. The result was that these disciples confessed the right things about Jesus but their life exposed their confession as hypocritical. In addressing this serious error, Jesus makes it clear by direct statement and parable that genuine disciples are characterized by true faith, reverence for Christ’s word, and obedience.

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