Todah Prayer

Daniel Sermon Series

Daniel 9:1-19
In the midst of shifting geopolitical circumstances, Daniel consulted the scriptures to discern the times. As Daniel consulted the prophecies of Jeremiah, he understood that the fulfillment of the 70 weeks prophecy was playing out before him. But Daniel also understood that fulfilled prophecy called for urgent action: confession of sin in order to secure covenant renewal and restoration. Leviticus 26:40-42 called for Israel to confess sin publicly and corporately after a season of unrepentant sin and the experience of national calamity on account of their sin. As Daniel lifts up his voice in this todah prayer of confession of sin, he fulfills obligation of Leviticus 26 and seeks to obtain for Israel that experience of covenant renewal which the Law promised for a penitent nation. This message concludes with application of the todah prayer to the contemporary situation.

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The Small Horn Prophecy

Daniel Sermon Series

Daniel 8
In back-to-back chapters, Daniel prophesied of two figures who would savagely persecute the church in the future, the “little horn” and the “small horn.” A commonly encountered misinterpretation of these two chapters, Daniel 7 and 8, is that these two figures are the same person and point to a future antichrist. The details of the these texts make it clear that they are not the same figures and that they would persecute the church at very different times historically. A decisive detail which distinguishes the “small horn” of chapter 8 from the “little horn” of chapter 7 is that the small horn emerges from the Greek kingdom (Daniel 8:9,21-22) rather than the Roman kingdom. This “small horn” prophecy has been fulfilled in the vicious persecution perpetrated upon the Jewish people by the 2nd century BC Seleucid king, Antiochus Epiphanes. This message expounds the rise of the “small horn,” surveys his character and actual persecution of the church and desecration of the Temple of the Lord, and then applies the principles of the text to the current situation of the church.

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The Papacy is the Antichrist

Daniel Sermon Series

Daniel 7:24-25
In April 1547 John Knox stepped into the chapel pulpit of St. Andrews castle and preached his first sermon as a Reformed minister and his text was Daniel 7:24-25. The main point Knox made in that sermon was that the Romish papacy was the fulfillment of Daniel’s “little horn,” the Antichrist and Man of Sin. By staking out that claim, Knox was aligning himself with the whole Reformed establishment of the 16th and 17th centuries. Though this position is not widely held any longer, this message takes a look at the reason Knox and the rest of the Reformed held this view and demonstrates that it enjoys a solid Biblical and historical footing.

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One Like the Son of Man

Daniel Sermon Series

Daniel 7:13-14
After relating the contents of a troubling vision about the earth vomiting out grotesque and violent beasts, Daniel describes a mysterious figure who receives a universal kingdom from the Ancient of Days. As a response to the mayhem caused below by the conquering nations set forth as violent beasts, the vision of Daniel 7:13-14 describes the divine response. In heaven above, Daniel shows that there was no hand wringing or anxiety about the rebellion of the nations. Instead, Daniel shows that the Lord was going to install His Son upon Zion’s holy hill and to set up a kingdom which would fill the earth. Christ’s mediatorial kingship is set forth for the church’s consolation that it might persevere through times of trial, taking confidence in the Lord’s prophecy that one day the nations would bow the knee to Jesus Christ as King.

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Daniel 6 Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Daniel sermon series

This much beloved text has been a source of great encouragement to the saints for very obvious reasons. But it is true that popular presentations of this story too often focus on man rather than the Lord. The way this story is told in Daniel 6 spotlights the major concern of this text which is to show that the Lord vindicates His law and His worship and the power of His kingdom.

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