The Papacy is the Antichrist

Daniel Sermon Series

Daniel 7:24-25
In April 1547 John Knox stepped into the chapel pulpit of St. Andrews castle and preached his first sermon as a Reformed minister and his text was Daniel 7:24-25. The main point Knox made in that sermon was that the Romish papacy was the fulfillment of Daniel’s “little horn,” the Antichrist and Man of Sin. By staking out that claim, Knox was aligning himself with the whole Reformed establishment of the 16th and 17th centuries. Though this position is not widely held any longer, this message takes a look at the reason Knox and the rest of the Reformed held this view and demonstrates that it enjoys a solid Biblical and historical footing.

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One Like the Son of Man

Daniel Sermon Series

Daniel 7:13-14
After relating the contents of a troubling vision about the earth vomiting out grotesque and violent beasts, Daniel describes a mysterious figure who receives a universal kingdom from the Ancient of Days. As a response to the mayhem caused below by the conquering nations set forth as violent beasts, the vision of Daniel 7:13-14 describes the divine response. In heaven above, Daniel shows that there was no hand wringing or anxiety about the rebellion of the nations. Instead, Daniel shows that the Lord was going to install His Son upon Zion’s holy hill and to set up a kingdom which would fill the earth. Christ’s mediatorial kingship is set forth for the church’s consolation that it might persevere through times of trial, taking confidence in the Lord’s prophecy that one day the nations would bow the knee to Jesus Christ as King.

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Daniel 6 Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Daniel sermon series

This much beloved text has been a source of great encouragement to the saints for very obvious reasons. But it is true that popular presentations of this story too often focus on man rather than the Lord. The way this story is told in Daniel 6 spotlights the major concern of this text which is to show that the Lord vindicates His law and His worship and the power of His kingdom.

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Daniel 5 Handwriting on the Wall

Daniel sermon series

As king Belshazzar led his nobles in a night of revelry and worship of the false gods of Babylon, suddenly a hand appeared and inscribed an ominous message upon the ballroom walls. The king called for Daniel to bring forth the interpretation of the mysterious message. Functioning as the mouthpiece of Christ, Daniel brought a message of rebuke to this foolish king and then translated the handwriting on the wall, proclaiming immanent judgment upon Babylon. That very night, 12 October 539, the Medes and Persians stormed the city and executed Christ’s judgment upon this wicked nation. 

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The Humbling of a Proud King

Daniel sermon series

Daniel 4
Although Nebuchadnezzar had made statements of respect about the Lord, he had never really “recognized” the Lord as the sovereign King of kings. A powerful monarch in his own right, Nebuchadnezzar believed his supremacy was special and reflected the power of his own glory. In the very moment Nebuchadnezzar was admiring his own handiwork in Babylon, the Lord took away his sovereignty and drove him out to the field to act like a beast until he had been humbled enough to acknowledge the total sovereignty of the Most High God. Coming to know the Lord’s sovereignty in such a humbling way led this once proud king to sing anthems of praise to the King of kings. The enduring message of this text is that the knowledge of divine sovereignty leads the penitent to humbly adore the Most High God of Heaven.

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