One Like the Son of Man

Daniel Sermon Series

Daniel 7:13-14
After relating the contents of a troubling vision about the earth vomiting out grotesque and violent beasts, Daniel describes a mysterious figure who receives a universal kingdom from the Ancient of Days. As a response to the mayhem caused below by the conquering nations set forth as violent beasts, the vision of Daniel 7:13-14 describes the divine response. In heaven above, Daniel shows that there was no hand wringing or anxiety about the rebellion of the nations. Instead, Daniel shows that the Lord was going to install His Son upon Zion’s holy hill and to set up a kingdom which would fill the earth. Christ’s mediatorial kingship is set forth for the church’s consolation that it might persevere through times of trial, taking confidence in the Lord’s prophecy that one day the nations would bow the knee to Jesus Christ as King.

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