Tearing Down Old Walls

Peter’s words in verse 28 provide a picture of the wall of separation which once existed between Jews and Gentiles before Christ: you yourselves know how unlawful it is for a man who is a Jew to associate with a foreigner or to visit with him. The words “associate” and “visit” indicate that Jews regarded common interaction with Gentiles as something that was strictly forbidden. The corruption that came through casual contact with Gentiles required a repeal of the OT dietary laws which symbolized internal spiritual realities. While experiencing a peculiar vision of a sheet full of zoo animals descending from heaven to earth, Peter heard a divine voice charging him to no longer regard as unclean things which had been cleansed by Christ. What the Lord taught Peter through this vision and by subsequent providences is well summarized in the final portion of verse 28: and yet God has shown me that I should not call any man unholy or unclean. With this wall of separation torn down, it was time for Peter to preach Christ and to bring the Gentiles into the church by bringing them unto the cross.

Date preached: 8/19/2018
Bible text: Acts 10:9-28

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