Overcoming Missionary Opposition

It would be quite understandable if Barnabas and Paul were experiencing a tinge of triumphalism as they set sail from Seleucia for their first missionary journey. They have been prayed over, sovereignly selected and set apart by the Spirit for mission, and sent off by laying on of hands by the church. Surely these tokens of divine favor were only confirmed when they landed at Salamis and preached the word openly in the synagogues. All this came to a halt when they arrived at Paphos and encountered the fierce opposition of a Jewish apostate name Elymas. But what they learned from this encounter is that though dark spiritual headwinds will rage against the gospel when it goes forth, opposition will be conquered by spiritual means, the word and Spirit of God.

Date preached: 11/25/2018
Bible text: Acts 13:4-12

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